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Advanced Rehab Technology distributes state-of-the-art 21st Century Rehabilitation, Wellness and Weight Loss equipment from around the world. All these unique technologies are the latest International cutting edge products designed to dramatically improve patient outcomes and differentiate your practice or facility from your competition. Adding any one of these technologies will create and additional profit center and establish you as a technology leader in your market area. Our goal is to search out the newest and most unique rehab and wellness technologies from around the world and make them available to United States and Canadian practitioners to keep you ahead of the competition. We also offer complimentary software and marketing programs designed to support your 21st Century office.
Our Products
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Huber® Motion Lab

The Huber Motion Lab reinforces the spinal structure to increase overall stability, balance, coordination and posture. The HML’s unique biomechanical design also offers multiple protocols for shoulder, hip, knee and ankle rehabilitation. [More...]

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SpineForce 3-D Rehab Exercise Technology

SpineForce is the only technology in the world that has been designed to three dimensionally target and strengthen the 180 deep intraspinal stabilizer muscles of the back that support the spine. [More...]

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Power Plate

Power Plate® Whole Body Vibration Technology

Power Plate® is a 21st Century breakthrough technology designed by a group of leading physicians, physical therapists, and health professionals to help differentiate and diversify your practice or facility. [More...]

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HUR Helinski University Research
Pneumatic Rehab/Fitness Equipment

Introducing the new HUR Fitness/Rehab Model 5310 dual function lumbar and abdomen machine with range of motion limiters and isometric strength and performance testing. [More...]

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HUR iBalance

HUR Helinski University Research
iBalance Fall Prevention

The HUR iBalance Testing/Training Platforms allow for baseline testing, continued monitoring, evaluation and training. The iBalance System allows you to see how proper balance training protocols can drastically reduce the chance of having reoccurring falls. [More...]

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The SpaCapsule®

The SpaCapsule® is an Award Winning, self-contained full body automated massage system™. It is a unique fusion of most advanced, modern technology and ancient, time-tested healing methods of Massage, Aromatherapy and Audio-Visual Relaxation Techniques - all skillfully put together into a one Complete Capsule-Shaped Relaxation Device™. [More...]

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Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The Alter-G is a unique unweighting technology provides the opportunity to rehabilitate lower extremities like never before. Precise partial weight-bearing enables accurate implementation of unweighting protocols. [More...]

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DiscForce Spinal Decompression Therapy

This FDA-cleared technology relieves pain through a form of traction, with spinal decompression the desired result. DiscForce provides TDCTM Therapy which targets specific segments of pathology and thus can isolate treatment to the specific area. [More...]

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Biospace Full Body Composition Analyzer

InBody 570 direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis technology for wellness, weight loss and fitness. The Inbody 570 provides a precise measurement and guideline for "body composition" and "body fat percentage" to educate patients on the importance of reducing and controlling body fat rather than overall weight loss. [More...]


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CardioCoach PLUS: VO2 Testing PLUS RMR Metacheck Metabolic Testing

The CardioCoach Plus from KORR Medical Technologies delivers simple and accurate fitness testing. It measures key data including peak VO2, anaerobic threshold, and the precise amount of calories burned at all exercise heart rate levels. [More...]

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Used Equipment at Discount Prices

If you are looking to save money on a wide variety of high-quality, high tech pre-owned equipment then check out this page for our current listings.[More...]


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Your Marketing Crew

Take Your Online Marketing to the Next Level

We have partnered with Your Marketing Crew, LLC to provide our clients with the most effective Reputation Marketing services available.

You know how small business owners are always struggling for ways to generate more leads and customers and remain profitable in this tough economic climate?

THEY SOLVE THIS… By helping you develop a 5-star reputation online so you can become the local expert that people flock to when they are looking for the products and services you offer.

Discover the secrets of how to create a 5-star reputation online and dominate your local market. [More...]

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