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Full Body Composition Analyzer
InBody 570 direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis technology for wellness, weight loss and fitness. The number of overweight and obese Americans has increased since 1960, a trend that shows no sign of slowing down and is at epidemic proportions.

Today, 66.3 percent of adult Americans (about 200 million) are categorized as being overweight or obese and over 17 million are diabetic. Obesity is a disease that affects over one-third of the adult American population (approximately 72 million Americans).

The Inbody 570 provides a precise measurement and guideline for "body composition" and "body fat percentage" to educate patients on the importance of reducing and controlling body fat rather than overall weight loss. This technology can be used to provide additional services for your existing patients and to attract new patients to your grow your practice.

The Inbody analysis provides over 20 various tests such as digital weight, percentage of body fat, lean body mass, fat mass, intercellular water, extra cellular water ratio (ECW/TBW), BMI, segmental lean development, dry lean mass, fat control and basal metabolic rate (BMR).

The Inbody is also available in additional models: Inbody 370 and Inbody 230 (portable unit).

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