Huber® Motion Lab

Developed in Europe by leading physicians, physical therapists and sports trainers, Huber® Motion Lab is making its debut in the United States. The Huber® Motion Lab reinforces the spinal structure to increase overall stability, balance, coordination and posture. The HML’s unique biomechanical design also offers multiple protocols for shoulder, hip, knee and ankle rehabilitation. Conditioning the body from the inside-out, HML offers radically innovative body-building, physique and cardio applications.

The state-of-the-art automated technology utilizes highly perceptive sensors that precisely target problem areas. A motorized, oscillating platform causes instability, causing the spine to strive to maintain equilibrium. Ergonomic arms adapt to all patient body types and sizes. The interactive, computerized display provides immediate evaluations of areas of strength and weakness.

Acting as a virtual trainer, HML utilizes an interactive performance display helping create a customized, ongoing training program. After each session you will receive immediate feedback so you can gauge your patient progress and performance goals over time. Touch sensors precisely isolate muscle groups to strengthen areas of weakness or instability.

The HML can also be used as a diagnostic and assessment tool. The speed and amplitude of the platform can be varied as well as change of direction. A seat can be attached to the platform for additional protocols and a remote control is available to immediately change functionality for each patient. LPGSoft is a software program linked to the HML and provides documentation for each patient’s work effort and outcomes for multiple sessions.

Click here to view and/or download the Huber® Motion Lab brochure. You can also watch a video demonstration below.

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