HUR Fitness/Rehab EquipmentHUR (Helsinki University Research)
Fitness/Rehab Equipment
Introducing the new HUR Fitness/Rehab Model 5310 dual function lumbar and abdomen machine with range of motion limiters and isometric strength and performance testing.

The HUR line utilizes a Unique Natural Transmission technology especially developed to eliminate the effects of inertia. Instead of using weights and cams, HUR machines use pneumatic technology and transmission which mimic the function of muscles. This translates to a perfect balance between exercise load and muscle output force, regardless of the speed of motion.Range of motion locking limiters are used for people with reduced spinal flexibility in order to provide a safe and easy starting or ending position.

The European ergonomic design of the machine also gives an exclusive look to your facility and eliminates the need to purchase two separate machines.

The Isometric Testing Performance Recorder can be used to detect deficiencies and naturally track the progress of a person. It consists of an accurate strength sensor and accompanying electronics which record the values from the sensor a 100 times per second. The highest recorded force will be displayed to provide results and analysis of progress for maximal strength and muscular balance.

HUR manufactures a complete line of dual function and single function strength rehab/fitness models for all major muscle groups which also includes a unique Smart Card system for circuit training and performance documentation. HUR is new to the U.S. market and has installations in over 5,000 facilities globally.

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