The SpaCapsule The SpaCapsule®
The SpaCapsule® is your ”masseuse on staff”, available on-demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The SpaCapsule® is an Award Winning , self-contained full body automated massage system™. It is a unique fusion of most advanced, modern technology and ancient, time-tested healing methods of Massage, Aromatherapy and Audio-Visual Relaxation Techniques - all skillfully put together into a one Complete Capsule-Shaped Relaxation Device™.

SpaCapsule® is Massage, Aromatherapy, Audio-Video Relaxation, De-Stressing Device that offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation; it inspires senses, relieves tension, anxiety, worry, and stress (destress); it offers peaceful oasis to escape and indulge. SpaCapsule® offers iPod connectivity and Oxygen Therapy as an additional rejuvenation technique.

Stress, stress management, and de-stressing are becoming a major source of additional revenue. SpaCapsule® becomes your complete tool that offers de-stressing instantly.

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