SpineForce Spineforce
3-D Rehab Exercise Technology
SpineForce is the only technology in the world that has been designed to three dimensionally target and strengthen the 180 deep intraspinal stabilizer muscles of the back that support the spine. SpineForce is designed to restore strength and improve balance, coordination, proprioception, posture and range of motion all in one unique technology.

SpineForce can be used for a variety of rehab/exercise protocols for:

How Does It Work?

SpineForce creates a closed chain kinetic exercise that recruits from core stabilizers and upper extremity muscles to develop core and spinal strengthening. The functional rehabilitation performed with SpineForce utilizes the naturally occurring interaction between neurological input and muscular performance.

The oscillating platform on the SpineForce creates an instability that challenges the sensory and motor systems to react and modify each other resulting in improved balance and postural control. SpineForce’s feedback and interactive visual response system motivates patients by providing feedback on their performance. View the SpineForce catalog for a complete description or visit the Official SpineForce website at SpineForce.com.

Take advantage of the technology developed by leading scientists, physicians, physical therapists and experts in Biomechanics to offer the most state-of-the-art three dimensional rehabilitation/exercise equipment in the world today to differentiate your practice or facility.

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